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CSR explained to my Grandmother

The general public is not yet fully familiar with the concept of CSR … 🤷‍♂️ This is to justify my hook and my content which may seem a little simplistic for the specialists… , they excuse me in advance 🙏 🚀 So today we’re talking about #CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility. ❓But what is CSR? CSR refers to the practices and strategies by which companies voluntarily decide to contribute to social welfare and environmental protection, going beyond legal requirements. 🎯 CSR Core Objectives: 🌱 Ecological: Minimize the environmental impact (reduction of carbon emissions, sustainable use of resources, etc.). 🤝 Social: Commit to the well-being of employees and communities (working conditions, equality, inclusion). 🏢 Economic: Ensure the viability and growth of the company while being ethical and transparent. 🌐 Why is it so important? Positive contribution: Companies play a crucial role in sustainable development by optimizing their impact on society and the environment. Trust and image: CSR practices strengthen consumer, partner and investor confidence in brands. Innovation and competitiveness: It inspires innovation and opens up new market opportunities. Talent attraction: Employees are increasingly looking for meaning in their work, making engaged companies a preferred choice. 🔍 Business Impact: 🔄 Adaptation: Companies that adopt a robust CSR strategy are often better able to adapt to market changes and stakeholder expectations. 📈 Financial performance: Several studies show a link between financial performance and CSR commitment. 🚦 Risk management: It identifies and minimizes risks related to social and environmental issues.

👉 Icing on the cake! All the steps are listed, quantified and objectified in a document called the Sustainability Report. It is the mark of a credible commitment after customers and investors🌟

At O-360 we support you in your CSR strategy so that it is not only beneficial for the world around us, but also vector of success and sustainability for your company. 🚀🌍

Come on, I promise, next time we publish it, we’ll dig a little deeper!

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