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TO BE OR NOT TO BE... Les soft skills !

Soft skills, another anglicism!? And yet, even if the meaning approaches it, it must be admitted that it is a little more «fun» than «human skills» 😊 Small reminder of the definition for the uninitiated: «Soft skills» are transversal skills, which represent a set of personal, social, communicational and emotional skills, that each has and uses in its interactions with others. They complement the «hard skills» which are the crucial technical skills in the operation of companies since they embody the foundation of know-how and expertise. In the professional world, soft skills are increasingly valued. While technical skills can be acquired through training and experience, soft skills are harder to develop and therefore increasingly sought by employers. They enable everyone to work effectively as a team, manage stress and conflict, adapt to new situations and solve problems creatively. They also play a central role in project leadership and management, including the ability to motivate teams and effectively communicate their visions and goals, and of course in making (good) decisions. The employee who presents a profile with developed soft skills is a rare pearl for the company! Never let go… You have understood, to hide too much behind his diploma we risk being unmasked! In the age of AI and chatbot, human skills are and will be more than ever a future value for companies. The soft skills culture is very naturally integrated into the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, by what it brings in terms of efficiency and quality of life at work.

O-360, which offers «professional solutions dedicated to attitude changes», cultivates soft skills and will be able to show you its attention, listen to you and offer you (very) innovative support solutions in this area.

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