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Health-Safety and CSR, a passionate story!

As you know, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is eager for promises, but be careful, we must not "tell her" it… Even if his heart is in the stratosphere (very close to greenhouse gases ☹), his feet are well on earth. It strives to make a better life for humans, and especially for those who work there and regularly expose themselves to multiple and varied risks. In its brief, CSR gives pride of place to «good work practices», and if there is one that stands out for its vital necessity, it is «Health and Safety» in our workplaces (for insiders we talk about #HSE, #EHS, #QSE.. which incorporate an additional environmental dimension). This is called an HSE approach. The HSE concept encompasses practices and policies aimed at ensuring a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly working environment. By ensuring the safety and health of its employees, the company demonstrates its responsibility to them and helps create a climate of trust and loyalty. The HSE approach requires a regular risk assessment of the company’s activities and the implementation of appropriate preventive measures. This also includes compliance with applicable health, safety and environmental regulations and standards. By complying with legal requirements and proactively managing risks, the company demonstrates its commitment to ethics and strengthens its credibility with all stakeholders. And it is precisely here that the idyll between HSE and CSR begins: Ethical approach, Strategy, Awareness, Training, Actions, Results, and Key Performance Indicator (KPI), which can be clearly integrated into an extra-reportingfinancial or a CSR report (which contributes to the improvement of the ESG score).

Many companies are already carrying out a large number of concrete actions in terms of Health, Safety and Environment and yet do not have the right tools to turn them into measurable arguments, readable and practically usable to their advantage in terms of CSR communication.

Do not hesitate to surround yourself with experts to seal the sacred union between HSE and CSR, who will help you in the publication of bans and offer the young couple a beautiful and long way full of promise and future…

I stand at your disposal to write the rest of the story together!



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