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About us

Benefiting from a multidisciplinary experience

We offer you a range of skills to accompany you in the success of your projects.

We have the opportunity to manage a wide variety of projects for companies of different sizes, which you can discover in "our portfolio"

We have the pleasure of coordinating in open architecture a team of partners (MSST specialists - technicians - engineers - designers - 2&3D computer graphics specialists - audio-visual directors - computer scientists - programmers - data specialists - actors - journalists - analysts ...) who have the expertise to offer you excellence, to reach further together and to offer you total satisfaction.

We position ourselves as an external resource to support our clients and intervene on specific missions, defined according to the needs and the nature of the contract.

We can act as a service provider, Project Owner or Assistant to the Project Owner depending on the project

   Daniel GUSTAVE - Director

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